Mission and Vision

To be the go-to for Tech access, where youth people can find and discover all about STEAM | Web 3.0 opportunities. Harnessing new and emerging technologies likened to a hairstyle: challenging at first then, creative, engaging, empowering and feeling great. Empower the best digital leaders, where no one is left behind, and use role models to inspire and develop a solution to the digital skills gap crisis.

Founder & Global Tech Disruptor

Paulette Watson

Historically black women has been underrepresented in STEM courses at university as well as in STEM careers many women in the field struggle against the perception of working in a biased environment.

From our #BeMedigitalinclusion program the women told us that most of them in STEM careers leave their jobs because they feel underpaid and underrepresented. The #BeMedigitalinclusion mentoring program aims to close the digital skills gap and prepare global majority women and girls for the future of work.


Who Is Academy Achievers?

Academy Achievers is a non-profit organization that focuses on working with children and young people aged 5 to 25 years old who are vulnerable, disaffected, disadvantaged, and have experienced real trauma. These individuals come from marginalized communities.

We specialize in STEM and Web 3 activities, empowering our youth to become innovative, creative, and digitally equipped for the future of work.

What the Global #BeMeDigitalInclusion
offers for a solution

Academy Achievers x #BeMeDigitalInclusion

#BeMedigitalinclusion aim is to raise one million black women and girls’ aspirations in STEM | Web 3-related careers.


We are raising parents awareness about the disproportionate levels of Black young women not in Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) | Web 3 related careers.


Training that is aligned to individual organisations so young black women can compete.

Career Opporunities

Career opportunities in tech for Black women and girls will give them the chance to actualise their potential. The (tech) industry will benefit from the shared creative, diverse, and cultural experiences that they can bring to the table.

Moral Support

Encouraging Black young women to go on to further studies/university in Engineering/Technology.


Forming a minimum of 30 partnerships with organisations and businesses

Digital Skills

We are fostering the excellent practice of developing Black young women digital skills set.

Startup Incubator

#BeMedigitalinclusion Start-up incubator, where Black women and girls will receive seed funding, mentoring, networking, and training to develop their innovative entrepreneurial idea.

Donating Laptops

Distributing 400 laptops to schools

Core Team

Meet our talented team of professionals

Academy Achievers x #BeMeDigitalInclusion

Our Directors

Meet the visionary leaders of Academy Achievers who are actively paving the way to ensure the inclusion of numerous young black women in the realms of Tech and Web3. Serving with pride and leading with unwavering confidence.

Paulette Watson

Founder, CEO

Charlotte Cheesman


Anthony Williams


Samantha Thompson