Black Leaders Awareness Day

Symone Bernard

Symone Bernard

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The Black Leaders Awareness Day is celebrated every year on the 18th of July to raise awareness all around the world on the existence of great black leaders.

This day was allocated for this cause to share the wisdom of the current and past black leaders. Furthermore, it wishes to help spread their words and make them reach all cultures. To do so, organizers propose live speeches, plus inspiring quotes that attendees can listen to and share.

It’s a day of great importance. Not only does it support diversity when it comes to leadership, but it also helps everybody understand the impact these leaders had throughout history and continue to have even today.

If you look back, you can easily mention great names that are still of great importance, such as Dr Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali or Rosa Parks. However, you don't need to look so far back. You can scrape the pages of history and go only a few years back to look at Barack Obama's presidency years. Understand what each of these names meant for millions of black citizens all around the world.

Now it doesn't really matter when these great personalities lived and made themselves heard. It doesn't even matter what their nationality was. The Black Leaders Awareness Day wants to ensure that everybody knows and appreciates them for what they were and what they have done.

If you wish to find out more about the project, you can subscribe to the Black Leaders Awareness day newsletter, or you can contact the organization team directly. Furthermore, you can get involved as a volunteer and be part of the cause plus help planning other future events proposed by this group. For more information:

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