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Symone Bernard

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There is nothing new about robots being part of our daily habits. They enhance our operations and make our lives easier. Robotics innovations include aeronautics, human spaceflight or space exploration, as well as medical science or food processing.

As such, robotics deserves celebration for a full week. Between 8th - 16th April 2023, England celebrates the National Robotics Week, focusing on robotics research and innovation.

First Days of National Robotics Week

For more than five years, the UK Robotics Week has been the leading event in robotics and automated systems. No wonder why there have been over 165 events for only one week.

This celebration's main desire is to raise awareness and support robotics research and development.

National Robotics Week showcases events, competitions, festivals, workshops, film premieres, or symposia throughout the UK.

Events During The National Robotics Week

The National Robotics Week, also popular as RoboWeek, represents a series of grassroots events, and lots of activities beautifully related to the importance of the robotics industry.

Museums, schools, and science institutions are organising events to raise awareness around the social and cultural impact of robotics in daily life and the future. Activities during this special week come in different sizes and shapes, but mostly, people get involved in:

- Twitter party

- Robotics Competitions

- Robotics Workshops

- Robotics Exhibitions

Furthermore, in the first days of April, the mission of RoboWeek will be to inspire students from STEM-related fields and make them even more curious about robotics.

The events are dedicated to audiences of all ages. They can be hosted in any community that is interested in this celebration.

During the full days of activities, people can attend presentations, activities, as well as presentations around the world of robotics. Be ready to manoeuvre robots, interact with them, and ask the robotics experts questions.

The Purpose Of National Robotics Week

Here are the highlights of the National Robotics Week and the purpose of these days dedicated to science:

- Educate the public, whether they are youngsters or seniors regarding how robotics technology impacts society, both in the present and in the future.

- Celebrate UK's leaders in robotics and learn how their technology develops and improves our lives.

- Get people involved in increasing fundings for robotics development and research

- Inspire students to choose a career in robotics and science, as well as in Maths, Engineering, or Technology.

How To Get Involved

For all those of you who are interested, passionate, or just want to learn more about robotics, the National Robotics Week is the perfect time to get involved. You can enrol in robotics workshops, show off your team's robot activities or support these types of events.

Whether you will choose to make handmade robots and learn through all this unique experience or take Lego robotics to the next level and add sensors or drive trains, robotics is an exciting field. For more information:

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