School Success Stories

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The Head Teacher of Oasis Academy

"The Head Teacher of Oasis Academy highlights the transformation of their school community through the #BeMedigitalinclusion Mentoring Program, which significantly boosts confidence, skills in technology, and interest in STEM subjects among female students."

Natalie Simpson

"Natalie Simpson highlights the program's transformative role in providing real-world tech experiences, particularly empowering female students to become tech advocates."

Mrs. Williams

"Mrs. Williams praises the program for positioning the school as a leader in eco-friendly technology education and fostering student-led community initiatives."

Dean Clarke

"Dean Clarke lauds the program for fostering a culture of peer support and leadership, especially among young women, and offering invaluable tech career insights."

Sharon White

"Sharon White credits the program with instigating change by equipping students with digital skills and a commitment to sustainable technology, boosting female engagement in STEM."

Mrs. Smith

"Due to the program, Mrs Smith observes a significant boost in student engagement, technical skills, and confidence, particularly among young women"

Ms. Anita Williams

"Ms. Anita Williams identifies the program as a source of valuable tech experiences and a motivator for student interest in STEM careers, especially among girls."

Mrs Nicole Nguyen

"Mrs Nicole Nguyen underscores the program's crucial role in educating about sustainable technology, encouraging young women to pursue STEM careers, and enhancing inclusivity."